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As I was checking my favorite news site the other day known as I stumbled upon a article referring to a debate against Perry and Romney. The issue they were covering is immigration, Perry being the governor of Texas deals with this a lot. However, he has not handled it the way Americans want because of our current job situation and the vast amount of illegal immigrants. Plus Perry even passed a bill allowing illegals to receive government money to attend college. Doesn’t sound like a very good plan to me. I would think this would bring more immigrants into our country. In the mean time Perry claims that it’s the white houses job to keep the immigrants out. Both candidates claim they plan to help bring down the number of illegal immigrants but both of them do not have a leg to stand on because both of them have had illegals working for them in their households for the past year. I will be happy when someone proposes a good plan to help with the immigration issue. Gingrich however did pose some good points on the subject though.


Band logo idea

Posted: October 6, 2011 in FDH


So this is an idea for a logo I had, let me know what you think.