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Jim Dorsey executive chairman of Twitter and CEO of Square seems to think so. Dorsey has created a new service that allows anybody to accept credit card payments via Iphone. He believes it’s magic, ha!!! Anyways, each day we are becoming more and more dependent on technology to do anything!!! It is making us all lazy, granted its cool that we have technology to help urban flaws such as his software for tracking taxis and ambulances. However, somebody is going to drop an EMP bomb and everyone is going to running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Also people complain about their phone service all the time, each day it turns into more and more of a scam and we are moving away from the old ways of doing things. Everything has flaws and can malfunction. We need to embrace both sides, the new tech stuff is not for everybody, its expensive and not everyone can afford it. Is it going to get so bad that people can function in society withouth being up to date on their techy gadgets? It sure is starting to seem that way. Most businesses are starting to do away with cash and only accept plastic, so what does that tell you!!!!! There is good and bad qualities to both sides. To read more check out this article


For starters you need to have clear distinct pictures of the products you are selling and make them very easy to find.   As soon as the website loads your product needs to be there.  Make sure that your website is an easy one to find, this is also key.  Make sure whoever is designing your site knows what they are doing. It needs to very easily navigated because people get frustrated when it’s not and that will cause them to go to a different site.  Especially older people who are not up to par with technology.  To read more check out Issie Lapowskiy’s article “How to fix your retail Website.”

Cannibal Corpse’s video “Encased in Concrete” from the album “Torture”!!!!!!!!!

This is Real!!!!

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Speaking of ‘Paradise Lost’ Cradle of Filth did a concept album based on it called (Damnation and a Day). If you like metal as well as paradise lost I highly recommend it.

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Milton was a boy, when he had a desire to write a great lyric— great in theme, in style, and in success. Paradise Lost is the Epic, he fulfills his latent desire. Sublimity is the keynote of ‘Paradise lost’ that based upon Milton’s deep sense of religion and moral earnestness!

Satan appears to be an indomitable fighter against the autocracy of God. Milton refers Satan, ‘the infernal serpent‘ (in line 34, Book-I) and it is he who was responsible for deceiving the ‘mother of mankind'(Eve). But Milton makes Satan the hero in his epic to ‘Justify the ways of God’. After Raleigh, Milton lavished all his power, skill, and sympathy on the splendid figure of Satan.

In the beginning Satan is presented as an anti-hero. The etymological meaning of Satan, He is a plotter! The villain-heroes of Marlowe and Shakespeare, Milton’s Satan is ambitious, revengeful, deceitful, cunning and…

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“…the victims, by their appalling ineptitude and timidity, virtually assisted in their own murders … But many men who are not cowards are simply unprepared for the fact of human savagery. They have not thought about it … they just don’t know what to do.”
Jeff Cooper, criminology

I state this quote as I begin my paper in reflection to the real world violence that was portrayed in Peter Berg’s film The Kingdom.

Sports network SB nation partnered with Youtube on a $100 million deal last year in order to improve the video quality on their website. SB nation is all about giving the fans point of view. Harnessing a team of 300 bloggers covering professional and college sporting events. They cover sports of all kinds including the world of professional arm wrestling which is the topic of one of their latest video The Full Nelson: Queen of Arms.

Their goal is to equip 150 bloggers to cameras to give fans insight on local teams, this footage will be featured on its own sub-channel on Youtube. With help from seasoned veterans Amy Nelson and Bamani Jones from ESPN, to bring a very professional touch to the SB Nation team.

Amy hosts the video above to provid insight of the world of arm wrestling. For more info check out this article Behind the Birth of a Sports-Media Bet for the YouTube Era or go to to check it out for yourself.

This does not surprise me at all, because people actually will take interest in a celebrity on a social media level.  Following a brand such as Nike on these terms just seems ridiculous because all they are going to try to do is analyze your profile and sell you more stuff.  However, not that this isn’t the ploy for Chris Brown and his so-called “Team Breezy” ha, I couldn’t help but laugh at that one.

In a way his team is doing the exact same thing, but their end of the deal is way more enticing because he is allowing his subscribers new music content that they are not going to be able to get anywhere else.  In my opinion sure this will work for all of those naive people out there that don’t know where to look in the right places to find stuff like that.  However, all it takes is for one follower to gain access of the “exclusive content” and then make it free for everyone.

Getting back to the bigger picture here, what does this say about society who follow this abuser so faithfully? He pled guilty to felony assault charges and it made him more famous, and now he has 8.2 million twitter followers.  Probably more than that, but just to show the brand domination factor, he has more followers Nike, Starbucks, Disney and Whole Foods combined.

One more interesting point, what does this Say about Rihanna for continuing to do songs with this guy.  Have some self-respect girl!!!!!

Its amazing the power ones image can have.

So if I am working for one of these companies that worries about their brand, then I would be striving to get a celebrity to help represent.  Although Nike still has Tiger Woods, but his latest actions were not the best.  The bottom line is if you have a good product it will sell itself and these branding companies are fretting over nothing.

Check this link to find out more

What Does It Say About Brands When @Chrisbrown Is Bigger On Twitter Than Nike?

By big brother I mean that marketers the retailers, the people who want us to buy their products.  They are all stepping up their game to analyze us and figure out what we want.  Not that they weren’t doing this for ages, but now its coming up to a more extreme level.  In my opinion it’s rather scary.

Shoppers are more like laboratory rats these days” says Jayne O’Donnel and Sarah Meehan from USA today.  There are many different methods used to analyze shoppers from counting teenagers entering a store after school to high-tech digital cameras that detect your eye movement on certain types of products.

One of the first things that I noticed online was that how Facebook analyzed my profile to cater the ads, but in the way with Facebook we do it ourselves by liking certain organization and products.  Also by clicking that button that allows Facebook to analyze your profile.

Just to give an example about how bad its getting author Charles Duhigg had a revelation about how Target had developed a model that detected whether a female customer was pregnant or not.  Duhigg stated that Target had sent baby related promotions to a teenage girl before her own father even knew she was pregnant.  Crazy right? It’s all about making more money and increasing sales.

The price that we as consumers are having to pay is our privacy.

For more information click the link above for full article.

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