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I have been really into these guys lately they are melodic, technical and heavy all at the same time. This video is from their first album Nocturne, Check it out!!!!!


Good article!!!!

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How google+ made her a star.  This is an interview at SXSW and she explains how her web concert with google plus got her a million fans.  Check it out!!!!

So I just viewed an interview with Trayvon’s older brother and he claimed that Trayvon needed to be remembered as a “happy teenager that had a lot going for him.” As he hesitated to answer the question of how he wanted his brother to be remembered.

Note that nothing was mentioned about his three school suspensions and all the slang and vulgar language he used under his “No_limit_nigga” twitter tag. Don’t believe me, look it up yourself. Also read my previous post “social injustice” for more links and information.

On a more current note his bro also claims that he found it very hard to believe that his brother attacked Zimmerman that way & the “stand your ground law” needs to be repealed.

Also they failed to mention how he had attacked one of his bus drivers in school.

This may be a matter of race but people are blowing this way out of proportion and using this case as a crutch for black peoples civil rights. All because they don’t want to admit that Trayvon may have been a punk. I am not saying he deserved to die and what Zimmerman did was right.

Both of these individuals are at fault, I just wish the media would stop sugar coating everything and tell us like it is!!!!!


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To all who may be eligible, if you know anyone that can play metal style bass,vocals or keys contact me ASAP. 

Warning participants must be dedicated, because I am done dealing with all of these half ass efforts.  Im ready to play some shows again.  We have new material in the works.  I will provide recordings as well as tablature.

We practice every Wednesday,  contact me if you are interested.

CoryC out!!!!

This is what you get when you are immersed in the big boy world, when you lack the skills and experience.  You may ask who am I talking about? If you have seen The Social Network then you probably do, Mark Zuckerberg.  I have not seen the movie personally, but after reading Ellen Mcgirt’s article, “Boy CEO,” I have a good idea.  This also goes great with my previous post about getting into sales.  It’s all about how you present and the way you look and act, which Zuckerberg was obviously lacking.  With his half asleep appearance and his tardiness to business meetings.  You can have all the great ideas in the world but if you don’t present it properly than it’s a big downer.  Thus this caused Zuckerberg to open his eyes and gain a coach to help him be more professional.  This is your basic sink or swim scenario.  Zuckerberg totally arose for the occasion.  Granted,  I don’t agree with everything Facebook does, but I do believe it has changed the world,  for better and for worse.

We are all riding this digital wave of the future, moving through the ways of the past.  Marketers are now wanting to harness today’s new technological ways of story telling, to apply it to a brand or a marketing campaign.  To find the sympathetic characters within the company and relate that in order to draw our attention.

Marketers and advertisers have been telling us stories for ages, but now the way that they were being told is changing.  Now it is easier for us to be the ones’ telling the story or in other words sharing a story thanks to technology and social media.

Everything is becoming interactive from video games, television to the ads.  Now its up to the industry bad boys to sink or swim in the digital ocean.


To read the full article check out John Coleman’s words in

Why Collaborative Storytelling is The Future of Marketin.

I bit dramatic for the title but in a way it makes sense. If you want to be successful you need to put your self out there. In the business world it’s all about being smart and persuading in a proper manner, no matter what your selling.  In order to gain the proper skills you need, throw yourself in situations that you would normally steer away from. This is exactly what you need to do according to Jeff Haden’s words in Sales: The One Skill Everyone Needs to Be Succesful via

“Working in sales is a great way to permanently connect the mental dots between performance and reward,” Haden states.

The longer you work in a sales position the better you get at honing your craft gaining the proper SKILLS!!!! Then you will be able to the pay the bills and move forward focusing on what you truly want to do.

If none of these actions or attempts truly fulfill your needs, you can always go down to the crossroads.

Some European black metal, or I would even go as far a calling this metal opera!!! I saw these guys Saturday night with All Shall Parish, Conducting the Grave, and Carnifex.  Sick show!!!!!!