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We are all riding this digital wave of the future, moving through the ways of the past.  Marketers are now wanting to harness today’s new technological ways of story telling, to apply it to a brand or a marketing campaign.  To find the sympathetic characters within the company and relate that in order to draw our attention.

Marketers and advertisers have been telling us stories for ages, but now the way that they were being told is changing.  Now it is easier for us to be the ones’ telling the story or in other words sharing a story thanks to technology and social media.

Everything is becoming interactive from video games, television to the ads.  Now its up to the industry bad boys to sink or swim in the digital ocean.


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Why Collaborative Storytelling is The Future of Marketin.


The internet is a very broad segmented market.  You can find a niche for anything you like, you just have to present the content properly.  Founders of the website Jason Goldberg and Bradford Shellhammer had to learn the hard way from their failed attempts to make facebook, yelp, groupon and times in favor of the gay community.  However, their flop has caused the two to cut employees and reevaluate their strategies.  Now they have made changes and are using the new and improved to market their indie designer products and accessories to their specific target market. It was a risky process having to cut all their ties from the previous  not so fabulous, but these two got past that.  Another story to prove that you need to stick to what you are passionate about and eventually all your hardwork will pay it self off.  What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!!!!  To read more check out How Pulled Off its Pivot

For starters you need to have clear distinct pictures of the products you are selling and make them very easy to find.   As soon as the website loads your product needs to be there.  Make sure that your website is an easy one to find, this is also key.  Make sure whoever is designing your site knows what they are doing. It needs to very easily navigated because people get frustrated when it’s not and that will cause them to go to a different site.  Especially older people who are not up to par with technology.  To read more check out Issie Lapowskiy’s article “How to fix your retail Website.”

By big brother I mean that marketers the retailers, the people who want us to buy their products.  They are all stepping up their game to analyze us and figure out what we want.  Not that they weren’t doing this for ages, but now its coming up to a more extreme level.  In my opinion it’s rather scary.

Shoppers are more like laboratory rats these days” says Jayne O’Donnel and Sarah Meehan from USA today.  There are many different methods used to analyze shoppers from counting teenagers entering a store after school to high-tech digital cameras that detect your eye movement on certain types of products.

One of the first things that I noticed online was that how Facebook analyzed my profile to cater the ads, but in the way with Facebook we do it ourselves by liking certain organization and products.  Also by clicking that button that allows Facebook to analyze your profile.

Just to give an example about how bad its getting author Charles Duhigg had a revelation about how Target had developed a model that detected whether a female customer was pregnant or not.  Duhigg stated that Target had sent baby related promotions to a teenage girl before her own father even knew she was pregnant.  Crazy right? It’s all about making more money and increasing sales.

The price that we as consumers are having to pay is our privacy.

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According to Carl Langrock the evolution of blended media is among us and its strong. We are moving further and further away from the focus of our traditional media outlets. Keep in mind though that they are still important, because it is all about the battle for the second screen. A good example of blended media is Go-daddy because the get your attention with their regular TV commercial and then they give you the hook at the end of the commercial to get you to go on-line. To find out more check out

Tying Offline Advertising to Online Results

Jeff Haden does not clearly state how google makes its money all I know is it has something to do with advertising.  I mean if you are going to write article about how google makes its money you should explain it in someway that the rest of the world can understand it.  Its just not clear how this pay per click advertising works , but I mean it is clear that it does.  Also what is this guy trying to say about a online college degree, he only paid $34.87 or whatever to buy it?  We just need a broader explanation than this one.  Click on Jeff if you desire to read this article.

Facebook May Not Be Enough For the Next Generation

To me it is all about the Internet and social media and yes, customer feedback is awesome for a company.  Therefore by using social media application it creates a very inexpensive medium to provide the feedback that in the past would cost the company money and more time to do so. Apparntly companies are not getting enough information on peoples thoughts and opinons on Facebook and Twitter.  They believe they should look beyond them. Also since this article states that Facebook and twitter are not enough  then I believe they should hone in on peoples blogs.  Especially those who blog about things related to ones company, because they could also use that information as customer research and they very well could be doing this already.  Facebook already has some program that analyzes your profile to create advertising that appeals to your interest and activities.  Why couldn’t the same program be applied across other people’s blogs?  Granted it would require the permission of the blogger and it could lead to a lot of clutter on peoples’ pages because Facebook rather seems that way.  Or maybe it could turn into a way that bloggers could make money, because after all I’m sure some companies pay bloggers to put add on their websites.  For more on this article check the link at the top.

Ford Speaks

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How To Sell Cars and Influence People

Ford obviously knows how to do it right in the digital age because they have been very busy.  They have been utilizing every form of social media they can and reaching more people for a far way less amount of money than they would normally spend.  Like on more traditional forms of advertising such as tv or radio.   Ford has taken advantage of customer interaction through social media to make the company better.  They have several awesome ads on YouTube like the zombie survival add, and they have also been encouraging customers to send in their very own videos.  All in all ford is becoming a more dominant figure in the car industry thanks to social media check out the link at the top to read more.

Wieden and Kennedy

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Once agian this is just another ariticle for the Wieden and Kennedy agency to gloat about their achievements.  However, I was not aware of their invovlment with the livestrong campaign, and their social media powered mobile contraption that translated the tweeted messages on the along the tour to france was a genious idea.  Also this article states that client relationship is very important and social media is a very affective tool for client communication aswell as advertising itself.  A nice way to look at advertising that they talk about is looking at your ad message as a conversation instead of a one way broadcast.  A lot more focus is being made upon the digital aspect and the integration of that into the more traditionla side that is cleary being moved away from.

Top Agency

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Wieden & Kennedy

Honestly this article does not really tell us much about how this agency accomplished things as much as what did they accomplish.  However the good point that comes out is that teamwork is key to a succesfull agency and that your work can be fun with new refreshing ideas like they did with Old Spice For example.  Also stating that when you get a good concepts going such as Old Spice you can do several varations of to continue its succes.