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How much carbon do you believe is in our atmosphere? Approximately .039% to be exact, and that number may be on the rise.

So is our vast amount of carbon emissions the cause of this global warming controversy? Some seem to think so, which apparently has caused an uprise for the need of more eco friendly type fuels.

Find out all about in an article by Elizabeth Rosenthal titled “Your biggest carbon sin may be air travel.”

Perhaps our local airline companies may be interested.


Jim Dorsey executive chairman of Twitter and CEO of Square seems to think so. Dorsey has created a new service that allows anybody to accept credit card payments via Iphone. He believes it’s magic, ha!!! Anyways, each day we are becoming more and more dependent on technology to do anything!!! It is making us all lazy, granted its cool that we have technology to help urban flaws such as his software for tracking taxis and ambulances. However, somebody is going to drop an EMP bomb and everyone is going to running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Also people complain about their phone service all the time, each day it turns into more and more of a scam and we are moving away from the old ways of doing things. Everything has flaws and can malfunction. We need to embrace both sides, the new tech stuff is not for everybody, its expensive and not everyone can afford it. Is it going to get so bad that people can function in society withouth being up to date on their techy gadgets? It sure is starting to seem that way. Most businesses are starting to do away with cash and only accept plastic, so what does that tell you!!!!! There is good and bad qualities to both sides. To read more check out this article

Jeff Haden does not clearly state how google makes its money all I know is it has something to do with advertising.  I mean if you are going to write article about how google makes its money you should explain it in someway that the rest of the world can understand it.  Its just not clear how this pay per click advertising works , but I mean it is clear that it does.  Also what is this guy trying to say about a online college degree, he only paid $34.87 or whatever to buy it?  We just need a broader explanation than this one.  Click on Jeff if you desire to read this article.

John Gerzema

Posted: February 6, 2012 in economics, Politics

The Post-Crisis Consumer

John Gerzema reflects about consumer behaviour and the effects of our poor economic state.  He talks about how the deficit has brought communities together and people are doing things more themselves.  Also corporations and people are going more green and are working together for a greater good.    Believe it or not but he proves that we have had many positive aspects come into effect because of the deficit.  Watch Johns video to find out more.