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 A campaign for the United States Marine Corps by Cory Robert Christensen­­­ 

Strategic Communications Plan 2013

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  1. Overview

The United States Marine Corps was founded in 1775 to provide an amphibious attack force for ship combat as well as assisting in landing forces.  The Marines have been a very important factor in preserving the American way of life.  “By the early 20th century, the Marine Corps had become one of the [most] dominant theorist and practitioners of amphibious warfare.” (History of the,”)

Throughout the last century, their numbers went from 3,142 soldiers in the 1900’s to 182,100 by 2012. During these years, the Marines have transformed themselves into the mighty force they are today.

The slogan “Semper Fidelis”, or Semper Fi, was adapted into the Marine Corps in 1883, meaning “always faithful” in Latin.  This phrase was adopted to show the significance of each Marine’s dedication to the Corps and to their country. Another popular slogan that has proven effective in their advertisements is the saying “The Few.  The Proud.  The Marines.”   This slogan signifies the high caliber quality and dedication of those individuals who have become Marines in order to serve their country.

The Marines are a select group of tough, hardworking individuals who will stop at nothing to serve their country proudly and honorably.  These individuals who join and have what it takes to be a Marine are granted great appreciation and honor.

Demographics – As of 2011, there were 200,225 active members in the Marines.  They have the youngest and least amount of married individuals out of all four branches of military. A majority of the recruits (62%) are younger than 25 years old. 21% are under 21, 39% are L.Cpl. or below, the other branches are between 19%- 24%.  The Marines have the lowest percentage rate of female members than any other branch.  As far as ethnicity goes, 70% are white, 13% are Hispanic, 10% are African American, 3% are Asian, 1% is American Indian/ Alaskan Native, and 1% is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.

C.  SWOT Analysis


The Marine Corps has a rich history of serving and protecting our country since it was established in 1775. Their most saleable attributes are agility and adaptation. The Corps’ can organize all of 182,100 members and “deliver a variety of military capabilities anywhere in the world within 96 hours.”(U.S. Marine Corps Organization and Missions)  They glorify themselves as being the toughest and most elite branch of warriors out of all the branches of military, hence the phrase “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.”


Due to the economic woes, and the winding down of an 11 year war, military budgets have been pinched drastically.  “The Corps is shrinking by 20,000 Marines, to 182,000, and scraping to repair or replace battle-worn equipment.”(Kovach). Budget cuts around $500 billion already in store under the Budget Control Law could lead to “sequestration” according to General James Amos.  Amos also stated, “If Congress can’t find a solution, virtually no Marine program will be untouchable. The gross aggregate percentage is possibly a 9 to 11 percent reduction in the Marine Corps budget, minus personnel.”  These numbers have depleted by 20,000 this year alone and the Marines are struggling to obtain recruits from areas in the northeast, west and Midwest.  In addition, the general public does not seem to be fully aware of the activities the Marines are involved, as well as all the benefits and opportunities that they can provide.  The public tends to view them as egotistical and often do not agree with the politics behind their actions.


For those who become a Marine, the perks include an opportunity to obtain a career, travel the world, and a sense of being part of something great.  Marines receive full health coverage, free on-base housing, and monthly allowances.  Plus, low cost mortgage and education funding whether you serve for one term or make it your career.  They also will receive full college payment for two or four year degrees, depending on how long you serve.  For those who serve for 20 years or more, retirement benefits, pension, and an early retirement are definitely perks for serving our great country.  Those that become officers have the privilege of full paid scholarships in advanced degree programs such as doctorates and master degrees.


The main problems include, not enough people joining and our poor economic state.    However, if you consider other branches of military as competitors, the Army is the main threat just because of its size.  In reality though, it just depends on which branch of military the individual wants to join.


  1. I.                   Focus Group

Based on our course research from a focus group of people in the target demographic, the following observations were made:

Demographic Perception

The Marines are viewed as a distinguished and honorable group of people who are brave enough to do things that most would not.  They expect mostly males’ right out of high school, with no other options, to join.  Although some view Marines as egotistical, they still have respect for them.

Factors prohibiting potential recruits from joining 

The Marines are the first ones to battle and possibly the first ones to die; hence training is more difficult than any other branch of the military. They have the highest dropout rate and the least amount of women compared to the other branches of armed forces.

Towards the Sounds of Chaos- a review of the Marines current campaign

The Towards the Sounds of Chaos campaign comes off as a challenge to the American public. It seems as though it is asking “Are you brave enough or tough enough to join the Marines?” Based on the reaction from our focus group this campaign turned most away.  The ad reinforced the overall opinion our focus group had when we started. However, most of our focus group was not interested in joining the armed forces even before watching the ad.

Perception of Marines compared to other branches of the military

Marines are typically expected to be the best and the bravest. Many think of themselves as an elite group of warriors. They go through the toughest training, so more is expected of them, hence the larger dropout rate from their training program. This branch of armed forces does not appeal to the women in our focus group. These factors contribute to the Marines being seen as a more elite group then other branches of the armed forces. Traditions, honor and history are values that are held dear to the hearts of Marines, according to our group.

Seeking more information about the Marines

Most of the focus group would turn to family and friends, especially those who have served our country.  Some would turn to recruitment officers, but were concerned about being able to trust them. According to Drew, who was in the Air Force, recruiters are “not to be trusted”. Personal research seems to be the best way to find information, but how accurate is the information that is given to the public? The best way to determine what is true is to ask past and present Marines and other branches of the military. Every answer could vary depending on personal attitude, goals and position in life.

  1. II.                Online Survey

Additionally, an online survey was conducted to determine media usage, knowledge of the Marines, and opinions regarding the Towards the Sounds of Chaos campaign. The following data was concluded from 110 participants.

Media Analysis

Out of all the variations of media, it seems as if our participants spend most of their time on the internet and social media outlets.  Facebook, of course, being the most popular social media site and the most popular place for people to check news was from news based websites.  On average, 47.6% of individuals spend at least 3-8 hours a week on social media sites. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the Marines need to invest more in online ads and social media aspects.

News websites make sense because these days people go to websites instead of watching potentially biased news programs on TV.  Not to say that the websites are not biased as well, it’s just that there are not as many restrictions on the internet as there is on TV, radio, or print. It would make more sense for the Marines to focus on more online advertising and get more involved with social media.    In addition, we asked participants where they go first to get their news and information, and 65.3% of them agreed that they check news sites on the internet first.

Towards the Sounds of Chaos Review

The majority of the participants found the ad to be helpful with a response of 77-33.  They also found the ad to be effective from an excellent to moderate level, as well as finding it ethically sound from the same perspectives.  The verbal content and visual seemed to be accepted from an excellent to moderate stand point as well.  The aspects of the ad made the participants feel respect,  pride, honor, and encouragement.  All of these aspects help reinforce the effectiveness of the ad, although, some of the participants felt that the ad was somewhat cheesy and over the top on certain aspects, especially when showing the boxes of AID being carried on the trucks.  For the most part the ad seems very effective.

Limitation and Recommendations

For the future, several key aspects need more focus.  First, there needs to be more online ads and social media aspects.  Participants want to see more ads with TV/movie personalities so, if possible, the Marines should use TV/movie personalities who were once fellow Marines to participate in an ad campaign.  These aspects should help get the viewer’s attention as well as reassure the viewers of the success the Marines could possibly provide.

The only limitation that needs work would be reaching out to people in more areas of the northeast, west coast, and major urban areas. Most likely, social media and the internet can help solve this problem.

As far as the TV ads, most (64.2%) participants agreed that they would like to see more adventurous aspects of becoming a Marine.  2nd to the adventure, at 53.2%, viewers would like to be shown the benefits of joining.  Following those appeals was the inclusion aspect, to help the viewer feel a sense of belonging, to be a part of something and make a difference, 45.9%.  Including some of these aspects in commercials and ads would help the Marines benefit in the long run.  After all, this is what our participants said they would like to see in the ads.  All of these aspects should be incorporated in all the different media outlets, such as, Internet, TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising.  Following these aspects and recommendations will greatly broaden the reach and exposure that the Marine Corps desires in a communications campaign.

Goals and Objectives

Goal – Use various aspects of media to increase the amount of enlistees by 10%

Use traditional style media as well as non-traditional to increase awareness in major cities of the northeast, west and Midwest.

Awareness – By using these methods, we plan to entice individuals between the ages of 18-25 years to join the Marines by making them more aware of the benefits they offer.  As well as informing them of the importance the Corps’ has had in supporting our great nation and will continue to do for the future to come.

Attitude-Create a more positive outlook for the Marines since the public tends to view them as being very self-centered and egotistical.

Behaviors – To encourage more individuals between the ages of 18-25 that joining the Marines is a smart career choice.

  • The campaign will run from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013


  • The effectiveness of the campaign can be measured by the number of enlistees the Marines have by the end of 2013. 


Strategies and Tactics

Campaign Slogan – Do you want to be a Marine?

For my campaign spokesperson I would like to nominate R. Lee Ermey because he is a well-known actor as well as a highly decorated Marine.  He is most well-known for his role as Marine drill sergeant in the film Full Metal Jacket.  Ermey is also a spokesperson for a youth program called Young Marines.

He would be a good role model for the campaign because he is very outspoken and well respected as an actor and as a Marine. Another major aspect that would prove very effective is showing the importance women have in the Corps.

Budget $100 Million

TV 20%, Outdoor 10%, Online Gaming 25%, Social Media 25%, Events 20%




Media Tactics


1. Traditional Media


Television – On ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN and Fox; 30 second commercials will run during prime time television programs.  Target cities include Chicago, Cleveland, Minneapolis and St. Louis for the Midwest.  In the northeast, they will run in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Pittsburg.  For the west, they will run in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Seattle.  These commercials will have great emphasis on urging viewers to proceed to the Marines website and Facebook page to find more detailed information.

Outdoor – Rotary bulletins will fluctuate monthly along major roads in the cities that I have mentioned above.

Events – In all the select cities that I have mentioned above R Lee Ermey will be asked to speak at major high schools to inform students about Marine importance, history and benefits.  In addition he will also speak at recruitment offices, malls, anything that the Marines are affiliated with.


2. New Media


Online Gaming – Video games will be utilized to advertise 30 second commercials between rounds of online play, specifically during popular games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Halo 4, and Battlefield 3.  The advertisements will be projected on all platforms including major consoles, computers and mobile gaming devices.

3. Social Media

Facebook – Can be utilized to inform the people of what is currently going on with the active members of the Corps. Facebook helps viewers to connect with the Marines by utilizing sympathetic characters.  A good example would be when individuals “like” the Marines Facebook page, they will receive Marine information in their News Feed when they update their page.  If R. Lee Ermey participates in the campaign you could follow his Facebook page and receive updates from him as well.

Twitter – Can be utilized to help individuals get more involved with the Marines by following certain individuals to relate to their sympathetic characters.  This should make more people realize what is really going on with the Military and help influence them to join.


In the process of making this campaign, it inspired me to write a jingle for it.  Please click on the following link to hear it.  Keep in mind that I have several different versions.



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So I just viewed an interview with Trayvon’s older brother and he claimed that Trayvon needed to be remembered as a “happy teenager that had a lot going for him.” As he hesitated to answer the question of how he wanted his brother to be remembered.

Note that nothing was mentioned about his three school suspensions and all the slang and vulgar language he used under his “No_limit_nigga” twitter tag. Don’t believe me, look it up yourself. Also read my previous post “social injustice” for more links and information.

On a more current note his bro also claims that he found it very hard to believe that his brother attacked Zimmerman that way & the “stand your ground law” needs to be repealed.

Also they failed to mention how he had attacked one of his bus drivers in school.

This may be a matter of race but people are blowing this way out of proportion and using this case as a crutch for black peoples civil rights. All because they don’t want to admit that Trayvon may have been a punk. I am not saying he deserved to die and what Zimmerman did was right.

Both of these individuals are at fault, I just wish the media would stop sugar coating everything and tell us like it is!!!!!

Social activism is no longer called social activism it is now dubbed in my opinion “social media activism.” Thanks to this Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, I get to hear about this every time I get on the web. The black community is in an uproar because Trayvon Martin is a so-called martyr from these people using their so-called blogging power. Do you people even know what a martyr really is? I don’t believe so. A martyr is a person who is primarliy killed for their religious beliefs!!! In 2002 Eyad Sarraj posted an article in Time Magazine called Why We Blow Ourselves Up and this is what Sarraj had to say:

“A few weeks ago, my sister, a professional and a mother of four, was visibly shaken as she watched, on television, Israeli tanks torturing the streets of a refugee camp and soldiers raping its homes. She shocked us all when she declared that she would like to become a martyr. A few hours later, a young Palestinian woman stunned the world when she turned herself into a human bomb and exploded in Jerusalem, killing one Israeli and wounding 150 others. In the weeks after, more women joined the queue of suicide bombers as the world stood alarmed and bewildered.”

It’s funny how Obama is so active in this Trayvon Martin case while he blatantly ignores the letters from the parents and friends of James Cooper and James Kouzaris, two individuals who were on vacation in Florida were led into an alley by Sean Tyson, who shot them several times while they begged for their lives, all because that did not have enough cash to Tyson’s liking. I bet if these two individuals were black Obama might care.

Two friend, of the fellow students, Paul Davis and Joe Hallet spoke outside of the court hearing for Tyson in Florida. “We would like to publicly express our dissatisfaction at the lack of any public or private message of support or condolence from any American governing body or indeed, President Obama himself,” Davies told the press. “Mr. Kouzaris has written to President Obama on three separate occasions and is yet to even receive the courtesy of a reply.”

“It would perhaps appear that Mr. Obama sees no political value in facilitating such a request or that the lives of two British tourists are not worthy of ten minutes of his time,” Davies concluded.

It’s funny how nobody talks about Trayvon’s true colors, they just cover it up saying he was a saint. Here is his awesome twitter handle as “No_Limit_Nigga” courtesy of the Daily Caller check it out yourselves and then tell me this kid was a martyr!!!!
Trayvon had been suspended from school on three separate occasions. According to the Miami Herald
“…a more complicated portrait began to emerge of a teenager whose problems at school ranged from getting spotted defacing lockers to getting caught with a marijuana baggie and women’s jewelry.
    • The first suspension was for being tardy and truancy
    • The second was for graffiti, after he used a marker to put “WTF” across a locker. During the investigation into that incident, he was discovered with what was described as a large flat-head screwdriver, a watch and 12 pieces of womens jewelry. He claimed it all belonged to a “friend,” and he refused to name the “friend.” No action was taken since there was no proof any of it was stolen, but he was suspended for graffiti.”
    • The third was for possession of marijuana and a pipe.

According to the Conservative Review “if Trayvon Martin started the fight, as Zimmerman claims, and knocked Zimmerman down with the first punch, then continued to beat Zimmerman and bang his head on the pavement (which the injuries support), Zimmerman could easily have feared for his life. That being the case, when he drew his weapon and fired it would have been self-defense. That is the law in most states, and it was the law in Florida before there was a Stand Your Ground law.

Let it go people I am sick and tired of hearing about it!!!!!!

This is Real!!!!

John Gerzema

Posted: February 6, 2012 in economics, Politics

The Post-Crisis Consumer

John Gerzema reflects about consumer behaviour and the effects of our poor economic state.  He talks about how the deficit has brought communities together and people are doing things more themselves.  Also corporations and people are going more green and are working together for a greater good.    Believe it or not but he proves that we have had many positive aspects come into effect because of the deficit.  Watch Johns video to find out more.

Obama: Diplomacy “prefered solution with Iran

Obama is very aware that Iran is beginning to become a threat especially to Israel.  Iran is pushing very hard to join the league of nations that possess nuclear arms.  Obama however, stated on feb. 5 that a not military intervention should remain as his “preferred solution.”  Although, he has left the military option open just incase the refuse to give up their nuclear ambitions and threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, to mess with our oil trade.

In the mean time Defense Secretary Leon Panetta stated “publicly that Israel could be poised to make a preventive strike against Iran as early as late spring or early summer.”

At least Obama is leaving the military option open because we could potentially enter another nuclear arms race like the cold war all over again.











Ayatolla: Kill All Jews, Annihilate Israel

The war drums are about to begin beating since the Iranian government has boasted a legal case for a genocidal attack against Jews world wide and assets in Israel.  Their claim for this attack is that they think Israel brings danger to the Islam faith.  However there has been fight for ages between the two but not of this magnitude.  Recently Iran’s Defense Ministry just announced this weekend that it “test-fired an advanced two-stage, solid-fuel ballistic missile and boasted about successfully putting a new satellite in orbit.”  Thus showing that their engineers have the technology for intercontinental ballistics Missiles and are pushing its nuclear weapons program.  It was predicted by western analystist that they would not have obtained this technology till 2015, however they thought wrong.

“Forghani details the Islamic duty of jihad as laid out in the Quran for the sake of Allah and states that “primary jihad,” according to some Shiite jurists, can only occur when the Hidden Imam, the Shiites’ 12th Imam Mahdi, returns. Shiites believe Mahdi’’s return will usher in Armageddon.”  Reza Kahlili

Israel is planning to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, however they need Americas approval and assistance.

This following document explains these individuals radical beliefs its long but interesting.

“The Iranian secret documentary “The Coming Is Upon Us” clearly indicates that these radicals believe the destruction of Israel will trigger the coming of the last Islamic Messiah and that even Jesus Christ, who will convert to Islam, will act as Mahdi’s deputy, praying to Allah as he stands behind the 12th Imam.” Reza Kahlili

As I was checking my favorite news site the other day known as I stumbled upon a article referring to a debate against Perry and Romney. The issue they were covering is immigration, Perry being the governor of Texas deals with this a lot. However, he has not handled it the way Americans want because of our current job situation and the vast amount of illegal immigrants. Plus Perry even passed a bill allowing illegals to receive government money to attend college. Doesn’t sound like a very good plan to me. I would think this would bring more immigrants into our country. In the mean time Perry claims that it’s the white houses job to keep the immigrants out. Both candidates claim they plan to help bring down the number of illegal immigrants but both of them do not have a leg to stand on because both of them have had illegals working for them in their households for the past year. I will be happy when someone proposes a good plan to help with the immigration issue. Gingrich however did pose some good points on the subject though.