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Choose wisely

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This was taken at Bishops Castle.


Stone Works

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This guy is cool in my book. He’s got the right perspective on metal.

The Messenger of Metal

Greetings, children!

Today is the big day. I have taken countless hours, and have listened to literally all metal albums from this year (Okay, more like forty of them. Give me a break). Either way, it’s the end of the year, and now I have to pick through the swarms of great LPs to choose ten that truly stand above all the rest. Now, before you read em’, I get this every year. Such quotes as:


Cool story. I’m not Revolver Magazine. I pick them because they deserve it, not because they coasted through to it. If your “underground” band called “We cut ourselves into pieces” wants to win, tell them to get a real vocal range, learn to sing, stop using auto-tune, and maybe learn what a classical guitar is.


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HAARP machine

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This dude is sick with it!!!!

Ive been really into these guys lately, very melodic, technical and heavy all at the same time. This video is from their first album Nocturne. Check it out!!!!!

I have been really into these guys lately they are melodic, technical and heavy all at the same time. This video is from their first album Nocturne, Check it out!!!!!

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How google+ made her a star.  This is an interview at SXSW and she explains how her web concert with google plus got her a million fans.  Check it out!!!!

Time For New Sticks

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Speaking of ‘Paradise Lost’ Cradle of Filth did a concept album based on it called (Damnation and a Day). If you like metal as well as paradise lost I highly recommend it.

Vikram Roy's Blog

Milton was a boy, when he had a desire to write a great lyric— great in theme, in style, and in success. Paradise Lost is the Epic, he fulfills his latent desire. Sublimity is the keynote of ‘Paradise lost’ that based upon Milton’s deep sense of religion and moral earnestness!

Satan appears to be an indomitable fighter against the autocracy of God. Milton refers Satan, ‘the infernal serpent‘ (in line 34, Book-I) and it is he who was responsible for deceiving the ‘mother of mankind'(Eve). But Milton makes Satan the hero in his epic to ‘Justify the ways of God’. After Raleigh, Milton lavished all his power, skill, and sympathy on the splendid figure of Satan.

In the beginning Satan is presented as an anti-hero. The etymological meaning of Satan, He is a plotter! The villain-heroes of Marlowe and Shakespeare, Milton’s Satan is ambitious, revengeful, deceitful, cunning and…

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