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Health application are among us and their popularity is growing. I know personally because my girlfriend uses MyfitnessPal and that fine and all but im sick of hearing about the damn thing every five minutes. She has tried to get me to try it and honestly I don’t really care enough to record everything that I eat on my phone  I feel like it requires too much effort.
The reason I am stating this is because its hard to be specific about the foods that I attempt to enter in. This is coming from my perspective and I am not in terrible shape but its all about your own will power and I would rather rely on that than some form of technology to tell me how to live my life

However, I am not totally bad mouthing these type of apps, maybe it works for some people. Just don’t forget technology is not a necessity to live your life, people did live and prosper without it for thousands.

Stay posted my girlfriend is somewhat of a guinea pig for these apps, so I will state another post in time.


Honestly I have had Phil’s wonderful app known as evernote for a while.  However, I have hardly used it at all.  With thanks to David Freeman for shedding some light upon the great accomplishments that Phil Libin and his team have accomplished, in his article

“Evernote: Company of the Year.”

I know have faith in what Libin and his associates are all about.  In a way Libin’s philosophy rather reminds me of Steve Jobs because he is all about starting with the customer experience and that is what evernote is all about.  This guy wants to help people with his software, he wants to make our lives easier.  He doesn’t actually sound like some money hungry guru, and that is just fine by me. He is into what he does for the long haul and he said it himself in the article that he wants his company to go on for 100 years.

Before I read this article I thought evernote was just another app, but now I understand to genius behind it all.  The whole concept that Libin has to let people have access to the a free version that actually runs properly is awesome and you don’t have to be connected via internet wi-fi whatever, it is a true Native App.  The company apparently just passed 15 million users in december and the numbers are growing at a rate of a million or more a month, impressive.

This app is a great organizational tool if you don’t know anything about it or feel like you don’t understand it, read the link above and get this app.  The app is free!!!!!!!!