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It seems to me that Blockbuster’s problems could come from the fact that the people who should be running the company by looking ahead to the future seem totally out of touch with reality.  While Netflix and Redbox were moving ahead in the home movie business Blockbuster just stood around with a stupid look on its face.  Even the heads of the company seem not to realize that they are broke.  In our “I want it now” society people want convenience. Simply going to the store for a movie these days just seems like too much work when you can get it on your computer, IPhone, Ipad, or the numerous other devices which stream these movies to you at your convenience.  Being in denial and comparing their company to apple is simply crazy. If Blockbuster is going to survive, they are going to need to come up with a super fabulous business plan, fast!  You have to strive to survive in the digital age.

Now onto the problem with Netflix yes its convenient and you can stream it on many various screens, I believe that they are lacking security. Because somebody can purchase it and then give their friend the code and then they can watch it.  Losing another potential client.  Think about it, and also who really needs Netflix when you can stream just about anything for free so Netflix might be done as well.

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