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We are all riding this digital wave of the future, moving through the ways of the past.  Marketers are now wanting to harness today’s new technological ways of story telling, to apply it to a brand or a marketing campaign.  To find the sympathetic characters within the company and relate that in order to draw our attention.

Marketers and advertisers have been telling us stories for ages, but now the way that they were being told is changing.  Now it is easier for us to be the ones’ telling the story or in other words sharing a story thanks to technology and social media.

Everything is becoming interactive from video games, television to the ads.  Now its up to the industry bad boys to sink or swim in the digital ocean.


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Why Collaborative Storytelling is The Future of Marketin.


According to Carl Langrock the evolution of blended media is among us and its strong. We are moving further and further away from the focus of our traditional media outlets. Keep in mind though that they are still important, because it is all about the battle for the second screen. A good example of blended media is Go-daddy because the get your attention with their regular TV commercial and then they give you the hook at the end of the commercial to get you to go on-line. To find out more check out

Tying Offline Advertising to Online Results