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We are all riding this digital wave of the future, moving through the ways of the past.  Marketers are now wanting to harness today’s new technological ways of story telling, to apply it to a brand or a marketing campaign.  To find the sympathetic characters within the company and relate that in order to draw our attention.

Marketers and advertisers have been telling us stories for ages, but now the way that they were being told is changing.  Now it is easier for us to be the ones’ telling the story or in other words sharing a story thanks to technology and social media.

Everything is becoming interactive from video games, television to the ads.  Now its up to the industry bad boys to sink or swim in the digital ocean.


To read the full article check out John Coleman’s words in

Why Collaborative Storytelling is The Future of Marketin.


Jim Dorsey executive chairman of Twitter and CEO of Square seems to think so. Dorsey has created a new service that allows anybody to accept credit card payments via Iphone. He believes it’s magic, ha!!! Anyways, each day we are becoming more and more dependent on technology to do anything!!! It is making us all lazy, granted its cool that we have technology to help urban flaws such as his software for tracking taxis and ambulances. However, somebody is going to drop an EMP bomb and everyone is going to running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Also people complain about their phone service all the time, each day it turns into more and more of a scam and we are moving away from the old ways of doing things. Everything has flaws and can malfunction. We need to embrace both sides, the new tech stuff is not for everybody, its expensive and not everyone can afford it. Is it going to get so bad that people can function in society withouth being up to date on their techy gadgets? It sure is starting to seem that way. Most businesses are starting to do away with cash and only accept plastic, so what does that tell you!!!!! There is good and bad qualities to both sides. To read more check out this article

Wieden and Kennedy

Posted: February 5, 2012 in advertising, Entertainment

Once agian this is just another ariticle for the Wieden and Kennedy agency to gloat about their achievements.  However, I was not aware of their invovlment with the livestrong campaign, and their social media powered mobile contraption that translated the tweeted messages on the along the tour to france was a genious idea.  Also this article states that client relationship is very important and social media is a very affective tool for client communication aswell as advertising itself.  A nice way to look at advertising that they talk about is looking at your ad message as a conversation instead of a one way broadcast.  A lot more focus is being made upon the digital aspect and the integration of that into the more traditionla side that is cleary being moved away from.