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This does not surprise me at all, because people actually will take interest in a celebrity on a social media level.  Following a brand such as Nike on these terms just seems ridiculous because all they are going to try to do is analyze your profile and sell you more stuff.  However, not that this isn’t the ploy for Chris Brown and his so-called “Team Breezy” ha, I couldn’t help but laugh at that one.

In a way his team is doing the exact same thing, but their end of the deal is way more enticing because he is allowing his subscribers new music content that they are not going to be able to get anywhere else.  In my opinion sure this will work for all of those naive people out there that don’t know where to look in the right places to find stuff like that.  However, all it takes is for one follower to gain access of the “exclusive content” and then make it free for everyone.

Getting back to the bigger picture here, what does this say about society who follow this abuser so faithfully? He pled guilty to felony assault charges and it made him more famous, and now he has 8.2 million twitter followers.  Probably more than that, but just to show the brand domination factor, he has more followers Nike, Starbucks, Disney and Whole Foods combined.

One more interesting point, what does this Say about Rihanna for continuing to do songs with this guy.  Have some self-respect girl!!!!!

Its amazing the power ones image can have.

So if I am working for one of these companies that worries about their brand, then I would be striving to get a celebrity to help represent.  Although Nike still has Tiger Woods, but his latest actions were not the best.  The bottom line is if you have a good product it will sell itself and these branding companies are fretting over nothing.

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What Does It Say About Brands When @Chrisbrown Is Bigger On Twitter Than Nike?


According to Steve jobs you need to “start with the customer experience and work your way back to the technology.”  He makes some good points in the speech he gave 15 years ago, I believe he has been true to his philosophy because I’ve seen these types of situations happen to apple and their products.  The achievements of apple are amazing, our lives have been forever changed by technology.  Although Jobs is dead, I believe he still has a few more surprises left for us with apple and we shall see technology grow from beyond the grave!!!!  Check out this video though so you can get some Apple philosophy.