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I bit dramatic for the title but in a way it makes sense. If you want to be successful you need to put your self out there. In the business world it’s all about being smart and persuading in a proper manner, no matter what your selling.  In order to gain the proper skills you need, throw yourself in situations that you would normally steer away from. This is exactly what you need to do according to Jeff Haden’s words in Sales: The One Skill Everyone Needs to Be Succesful via

“Working in sales is a great way to permanently connect the mental dots between performance and reward,” Haden states.

The longer you work in a sales position the better you get at honing your craft gaining the proper SKILLS!!!! Then you will be able to the pay the bills and move forward focusing on what you truly want to do.

If none of these actions or attempts truly fulfill your needs, you can always go down to the crossroads.


Is your job nothing but a meaningless drag that only results in a paycheck? Do you feel like a mindless drone or robot that does the same remidial task day by day?  If so maybe its time for a self evaluation.  If you really feel motivated and want to do some good in this world then rise up to the challenge and figure out what your true craft is or what is it that you are truely passionate about.  Now we have organizations that are striving to help us do that.  A good example is Rework becuase their goal is to help you find that job where you can make a difference.  However, this organization is primarily geared toward those who have been in the work force for several years.  Those veterans are the majority of the applicants.  Rework is still very new and is only working with about 15-25 companies, but that is changing.  To read more check out How To Find Meaning In Your Work article and Htt://Rework.job/